About Us

Welcome to Upstate IV Therapy Center located in Upstate New York. We specialize in IV infusions for health and wellness. Our treatments and protocols are instituted for a range of conditions including wellness, chronic illness, infections, cognitive function and addiction recovery.


Our main center is in a big old charming building that was constructed as a schoolhouse for boys in 1914. The building was renovated and modernized on the inside in 2016 while still retaining its old charm.  It has all the amenities of a medical clinic but maintains a comfortable environment.


All of our IV therapy protocols are overseen by an experienced licensed physician (MD) and administered by Registered Nurses (RNs). Safety and efficacy are always paramount at our center.


We offer a warm and cozy atmosphere with comfortable recliners where we administer each IV treatment. We have free Wi-Fi so our patients can surf the internet, watch Netflix or read a book while undergoing therapy. Some of the treatments take as little as 10 minutes while others such as the amino acid therapy and NAD+ take a few hours to be effective. Rest assured your vitals will also be monitored from time to time during treatment.


The purpose of the IV approach is to bypass the gut and deliver the nutrients, vitamins and minerals directly, unchanged into the blood stream. Additionally, IV infusions allow for greater quantities and concentration of nutrients to be delivered than would be possible to absorb and/or tolerate if taken orally. IV therapy can aid in repletion in diseased states and help with disease modification in many cases.


In summary we would like to deliver IV nutrients and botanicals which can positively affect patients and people.


Please contact us today here at Upstate IV Therapy Center at 518-203-2593 so we can formulate an IV treatment plan for you!