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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy involves the infusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein.
IV therapy aims to help with medical conditions, illnesses, anti-aging, body and mental performance.

Who administers the IV therapy?

Here at Upstate IV Therapy, the IV therapy protocols are supervised by a licensed physician
and administered by an RN. Both have extensive experience in dealing with intravenous therapies and dealing for health and wellness as well as medical issues.

Is IV therapy effective and is it safe?

IV therapy is very safe. Intravenous therapy has been administered for over a hundred years and is a true and tested modality to carry out hydration, infuse vitamins and nutrients. IV therapy can be very effective in helping with medical conditions. Vitamin infusions, along with amino acid boosters have been shown to make people feel better.


Some of the treatments have extensive medical research behind it such as high dose vitamin C treatment for infection and NAD therapy for addiction treatment. Other treatments may be anecdotal with extensive clinical use but are also safe. For example, IV amino acid therapy for opiate addiction detox may not have a lot of research published, but clinic around the country have been using it for decades with success in that realm. Since all our infusions come from natural substances and have been used to treat people for decades, they have been deemed very safe.


Our clinic is equipped with all the emergency medications, procedures and experience to deal with emergencies. Emergencies however ae rare in IV nutrient therapy.

How often will I need IV therapy?

The frequency of treatment depends on the condition that is being treated. For example, hydration and vitamin infusion to treat a hangover is a one-time treatment whereas addiction detox from opiates or alcohol are 10-14 day sequential treatments with NAD or Amino Acids.


Other conditions such as Glutathione for Parkinson’s disease is usually twice weekly for 8 weeks. In other words, some are one time, others are monthly, weekly and others are sequential multiple day treatment packages. Sometimes monthly treatments are required after the initial treatment package in order to maintain balance.

How much does IV therapy cost?

The cost of IV treatment depends on the type of therapy being administered and how many treatments needed altogether. A treatment with IV hydration with a Myer’s cocktail for example is between $120 to $250.


NAD therapy can vary in cost depending on what we are treating with NAD. All NAD therapies are not the same. Some NAD therapies require a lower dose formula and is therefore cheaper at about $299 per day per treatment such as for anti-aging or athletic performance while NAD therapy for detox from alcohol or opiates, including suboxone, methadone and Percocet requires a more potent dose and formula and more doctor supervision with medications given on the side to ease the withdrawal. These detox packages run from $649 to $800 per day with packages ranging from $5000 to $8000 over a 10-14 day treatment course.

How long are IV treatments and does it hurt?

Each IV treatment varies in duration depending on the IV formula given. For example, Glutathione treatment are only a few minutes as they given as a push, while some vitamin treatments last anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour usually. Some high dose Vitamin C therapies can last for 1.5 hours depending on the strength of dose given.


NAD treatments take anywhere from 1.5 hours for lower potency formulas to 3-4 hours for the higher potency formulas used in alcohol or opiate detox and in chronic disease conditions.


IV therapy is not painful as the nutrient is dripped into your veins however there is slight short discomfort when starting the IV due to the needled cannula inserted into the vein. However, our physicians and nurses are very experienced in starting IVs and so any discomfort should be minimal and short-lived.

Do you accept health insurance?

Each IV treatment varies in duration depending on the IV formula given. For example, Glutathione treatment are only a few minutes as they given as a push, while some vitamin treatments last anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour usually. Some high dose Vitamin C therapies can last for 1.5 hours depending on the strength of dose given.


We do not accept health insurance currently. However, we do accept FSA and HSA. Also, we would be happy to print you up a superbill with diagnosis and treatment codes if you want to submit it to your insurance company.

Do I need to see a physician before starting any IV therapy?

For short small treatments as in most vitamin or hydration drips, you do not need to see our physician to undergo IV treatment. However, any packaged treatments or treatments that will be given more than once such as really high dose Vitamin C, Glutathione, amino acids and NAD therapies, a physician will perform an evaluation to make sure you are a candidate and that it is safe to undergo IV treatments.


Some treatments may require some simple screening blood work as well. This should be covered by your insurance. Patients undergoing our detox program for drugs and alcohol require a full history and physical and some screening blood work.

What are the benefits of IV infusions?

IV infusions deliver vitamins, minerals, and other healthy substances directly into the bloodstream for 100% absorption. These nutrients can do many things such as boost the immune system, increase energy, and in the case of NAD and Amino Acid therapy can ease withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs.


Oral vitamins and supplements are absorbed through the gut an therefore a significantly lesser amount of the nutrient is absorbed and digestion can alter supplements lower their efficacy, IV vitamins, minerals and our other substances are delivered unchanged and retain their potency as they are delivered directly into the bloodstream and to the end-organs.


IV nutrient therapy can help treat many illnesses with some great results. For example, Glutathione therapy has been showed to help with mobility in Parkinson’s disease. NAD therapy has been used for decades to help patients come off of habitual use of opiates and alcohol with less distress or discomfort.

Have more questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you decide if our IV therapy programs are right for you.