IV Therapy: Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2

Price: $250

Hydrogen Peroxide is a clear solution used as a bleaching agent and an anti-infective. It has been studied in thousands of scientific articles reporting on its effectiveness as a clinical application. Hydrogen IV therapy is being use by many clinics around the country to treat infections such as the common cold, upper respiratory infections, the flu, chronic asthma and sinusitis.


Hydrogen peroxide is already used by your body especially your immune system. Our white blood cells kill off harmful bacteria and viruses by engulfing them and producing peroxisomes which in fact produce hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, the hydrogen peroxide helps kill the pathogen.


The IV solution of hydrogen peroxide that we use is a sterile compound carefully selected for its sterility and concentration. The formula we use at our clinic is safe to use whereas the hydrogen peroxide you buy at the pharmacy is only for cleaning small cuts and abrasions, unsafe for consumption. Hydrogen Peroxide in infused alone with no other solutions infused on the same day. If IV vitamins, minerals, glutathione and amino acids are needed, they are given on a different day than hydrogen peroxide IV therapy.


Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent. It reacts with cells in the red and white bloodstream to produce oxidants and respiratory burst. It is this oxidative process that helps kill infections and eradicate pathogens.


In our clinic IV Hydrogen Peroxide therapy is especially used in cases of respiratory illnesses such as an upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, COPD, and asthma. It is also useful in combatting the common cold, the flu and sinusitis


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