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IV Glutathione

Price: $250


Also call for package treatments as this is given 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 10 sessions (10 sessions is approximately $2000 for package)


Glutathione is a tripeptide molecule consisting of the 3 amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. It is a powerful antioxidant and is found in high concentration in almost every cell of the human body.


Glutathione levels drop significantly with age and levels may be reduced due to illness, poor nutrition, stress and environmental toxins.


Glutathione reduces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when the body cannot fight off damaging free radicals. High free radicals and thus oxidative stress may lead to diseases such as cancer, diabetes and autoimmune illnesses. Glutathione may help fight off these diseases or reduce them.


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More About Glutathione IV Treatment

Glutathione works by neutralizing free radicals and keeps important antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E in their reduced and active forms. Glutathione is used in important reactions involving DNA synthesis and repair, protein synthesis, prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport, and enzyme activation. It is a protector of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).


As mentioned above, it falls significantly with age at about 1% per year. It protects mtDNA. This is evident from the fact that a 90-year-old has 5% of mtDNA compared to a 5-year-old.

Although Glutathione treatment can be given orally, the IV infusion form is much more powerful as it is injected directly into the bloodstream and therefore no absorption is required.


Glutathione Improves Insulin Resistance and Fat Burning


Glutathione has also been shown to be effective in reducing liver damage markers in those with alcoholic fatty liver and non-fatty liver disease. Glutathione may also be associated with insulin resistance. Research has shown that increasing Glutathione in older individuals improves insulin resistance and fat burning. Therefore, it may also be important in weight management.


Glutathione and Parkinson’s Disease


Every system in the body is affected by the Glutathione system including the immune system, gastrointestinal system and the nervous system. Low levels of Glutathione can cause apoptosis or cell death within these systems.


Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system resulting in tremors and difficulty with peripheral mobility over time. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Although there is limited research an older report found that IV glutathione may reduce rigidity and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. This may help improve symptoms and quality of life in those suffering from the disease.

Glutathione IV can be given to patients with Parkinson’s Disease at 600mg twice daily.


Glutathione and Peripheral Vascular Disease


Peripheral Artery Disease occurs when the peripheral arteries (eg. legs, arms abdominal aorta, etc.) are blocked by diseased plaques, narrowing the ability for blood to pass through into the extremities.


Glutathione has been shown to improve the circulation in the arteries of the legs with those who suffer from peripheral vascular disease. The study showed improvement in the macrocirculatory and microcirculatory systems of the patients involved.



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Glutathione and Other Conditions


IV Glutathione has been known to be helpful in numerous other diseases and conditions:


Metal Toxicity

Brain Fog

“Chemo Brain”

Multiple Sclerosis

Liver Disease

Kidney Disease

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)



Pulmonary Disease/COPD/Asthma



Chemotherapy and Glutathione


Studies using intravenous glutathione have found it to be effective in reducing the side effects and increasing the efficacy of chemotherapy agents (especially Cisplatin in women with ovarian cancer)


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of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer treated with cisplatin: results of a double‐blind, randomised trial. Ann Oncol 1997;8:569–73.


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glutathione: a randomized trial in patients operated on for endometrial cancer. Tumori



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Sometimes IV Glutathione treatments are coupled with Myer’s Cocktail for improved outcome, increased mental clarity andenergy.

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