IV Therapy for Natural Detox & Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a medical disease that alters the way the brain works. It alters neurotransmitter function and balance. The natural detox program we provide here at Upstate IV Therapy Center, aims to assist in recovery from alcohol and opiate addiction by re-balancing your neurotransmitters and help you withdrawal within 4 days with minimal withdrawal symptoms or cravings.


Addiction Changes Brain Chemistry


When someone develops an addiction to substances such as opiates or alcohol the brain changes over time. The limbic system of our brain is flooded with Dopamine giving the individual a heightened sense of pleasure. Over time as the addiction becomes chronic the brain compensates for this flood of drugs and alcohol and begins to change. Neurotransmitters become disbalanced, moods and emotions are severely affected and when someone attempts to abstain from the substance it becomes very difficult due to the withdrawal symptoms that they experience.


IV Therapy Treatment Helps with Addiction


We use intravenous amino acids, vitamins and minerals to re-balance and restore the brain’s neurotransmitters rapidly in order to detox from alcohol and opiate addiction. The IV amino acid therapy aims to reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox. Many patients feel minimal to no withdrawal and therefore come off the drugs and alcohol with less pain, anxiety and mood swings.


Nutritional deficits are associated with drug and alcohol addiction and amino acids, vitamins and minerals helps restore these deficits and provide the first step to recovery. By supporting the brain’s neurochemistry, the program helps restore a good balance which can help with mental clarity needed in maintaining sobriety. Our detox and recovery amino acid therapy program is delivered over 10 days in our outpatient IV therapy clinic. We will work close with any other resources or medical providers you are engaged with for your addiction.


Our program can be viewed as the first step to recovery. Of course, addiction recovery is an on-going process, however by supporting the neurochemistry and allowing for better mental clarity, one can assume other activities such as counselling and therapies to prevent relapse. We also send you home on an oral therapy regimen in order to maintain your progress.



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