IV Therapy for Athletic Performance

Performing as an athlete puts a lot of stress on your muscles and depletes your body of nutrients.  So, your body needs nutrients not only to exercise or perform athletically, but also to repair the damage afterwards. Our bodies take a beating during rigorous activity and therefore we need higher amounts of nutrients to sustain this high performance. 


With IV therapy nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals can replenish the body and provide mental clarity. By using the intravenous route, we bypass the gut and any malabsorption problems. IV therapy combined with a healthy diet can help an athlete preemptively as well by preparing the body for the rigorous course it’s about to experience.


IV therapy with amino acids, vitamins and minerals help regenerate tissues at the cellular level and combat fatigue associated with the demands of sports and exercise. Our therapy can help restore and build stamina and endurance, along with proper exercise and a healthy diet. We can also discuss diet issues and create a health plan for you.

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