IV Therapy Infusions - Upstate IV Therapy
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Getting Started With IV Therapy

Welcome To Upstate IV Therapy


We provide natural IV (intravenous) infusion therapies including, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants in order to help the mind and body heal.


Our therapies can help patients naturally detoxify from alcohol, opiate or benzodiazepine addiction and restore mind and body balance. Many of our therapies also help patients with chronic illness, stress and biochemical imbalances.


IV therapy infusions have the advantage over oral therapies as the vitamins, amino acids and minerals bypass the digestive system and deliver the nutrients through the blood directly to the end target organs. This means that you experience the benefits directly without any possible absorption issues you would have if it was taken orally. Therefore, IV infusion is much more powerful.


The treatments have been tested and because they are natural products, they are very safe. All our treatments are monitored by a physician (MD) and administered by a registered nurse (RN).

Our IV Therapy Programs:

• IV Therapy for Chronic Illness and Fatigue

• IV Therapy for Natural Detox for Addiction Recovery

• IV Therapy for Anxiety, Depression and Psychological Mood Repair

• IV Therapy for Athletic Performance

• IV Therapy for Natural Nutrition Recovery and Weight Loss

Please contact us today here at Upstate IV Therapy at 518.720.7674 and get on your way to recovery.