IV NAD+ and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Although there have been no studies involving NAD+ and chronic fatigue syndrome, its use for this condition shows promise. Since IV NAD+ is a natural way to support mitochondrial function thereby increasing cellular energy levels.


The exact cause of fatigue syndrome is unknown, and its symptomatology overlaps with many other illnesses or conditions. Potential triggers include viral illnesses such as Epstein-Barr virus, human herpes virus 6 and other mouse leukemia viruses. Other causes may include immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalance and psychological stress. Some say it may be a combination of factors.


Signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include:



Sore throat

Enlarged lymph nodes in neck or axillae

Memory or concentration loss

Muscle and joint pain


Sleep disturbance

Extreme exhaustion associated with physical or mental exercise


Women are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome more often in men and it usually occurs in the ages of 40s and 50s. Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with significant morbidity and may cause depression, lifestyle restrictions, social isolation and absence from work.


There is some evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may be a metabolic dysfunction with less energy being produced. The epicenter of energy production of the cell is the mitochondria and so CFS may be associated with mitochondrial dysfunction.


Mitochondria are energy powerhouses found by the thousands in each of our cells and in every cell of our brain and body. If systemic mitochondrial dysfunction occurs, less energy is produced possibly causing fatigue.


Using IV NAD+ therapy may help by replenishing NAD+ within the mitochondria. We recommend a 7-day program of our NAD+ Brain Refuel™ Program and FastVitaminIV® push.


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