IV Therapy For Opioid Detox & Recovery

Presently, opioid addiction is an epidemic here in the United States with the majority of drug overdoses coming from opioids such as heroin, fentanyl and oxycodone. Prescription of opioid painkillers has reached an all time high with sales reaching exponential heights since the 1990s.


Many people start out using prescription opioid painkillers until their prescriptions run out. Then, since they cannot obtain oral prescription pain killers, they turn to heroin which is cheaper and easier to obtain. Their chance of death increases significantly when using heroin with over 70,000 deaths attributed to this drug in 2017.


Opioid drug addiction is difficult to treat because over time the drug habit causes changes to occur in the brain which are damaging. When taking opioids people feel euphoric or “high.”

The brain stops producing its own natural endorphins and the brain is flooded with dopamine. Dopamine is a “reward center” neurotransmitter and along with the euphoric feeling the user gets hooked on the drug. This is why heroin is so addictive.

As one continues to habitually use the opioid drug, the brain produces more opioid receptors to compensate for the influx of exogenous opiates coming into their brain and body. These opioid receptors urge the habit of using the drug in order to satiate the need for those receptors to be filled with drug.Tolerance of the drug occurs quickly requiring the user to go higher in dosage to acquire that high that they desire. If the opioid receptors are not filled with the opioid, then one experiences serious withdrawal and cravings.


Withdrawal symptoms can include chills, muscle pain, headaches, abdominal cramping, vomiting, insomnia, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and overall feeling of a severe flu. The withdrawal is severely uncomfortable causing most people to relapse and start using again in order to prevent those horrible symptoms they experienced. This is why it is hard to quit. The brain has changed. The brain neurotransmitters are in a state of imbalance.


Our NAD+ Brain Refuel™ Program and FastVitaminIV® push allows for a rapid and natural detox! NAD+ therapy has been used for over 4 decades to help break addiction. It is a natural occurring substance and a derivative of vitamin B. Its use comes with minimal to no side effects making it easier to use as a withdrawal agent.



NAD+ therapy has been clinically observed to reduce withdrawal and cravings in 90% of patients. Also, an amazing statistic is seen when examining the 12-month sober rate for those undergoing the NAD+ treatment. Most rehabilitative programs have a 10% success at sobriety at 1 year whereas NAD+ treatment boasts a 90% sobriety rate. The combination of decreased cravings wile detoxing and these statistics means NAD+ is an impressive substance in detox and withdrawal from opiates.


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