IV Therapy for Natural Nutrition, Recovery and Weight Loss

Dieting today can be very confusing with hundreds of different diet plans out there promising to help you shed pounds. However, most of these plans fall short as they are either too caloric restricting or unrealistic in maintaining the weight loss. In fact, most of the diets out there do not produce long term and sustainable results and deplete the person of vital nutrients. That is, many diet programs just aren’t healthy for the body and mind.


Most people eat far too many calories and the calories that they do consume are unhealthy. It’s no wonder many people are left feeling fatigued, slow and suffer from brain fog. This can all be diet related. Also, many people suffer from intestinal issues and malabsorption meaning their bodies are not receiving the nutrients it needs to function properly from day to day.


IV infusion therapy of vitamins, minerals and amino acids deliver the nutrients directly to the body and targets at the cellular level.  The intravenous rout allows for rapid delivery of nutrients to target organs. They help naturally detox the body and provide nutrients quickly thereby boosting your metabolism. IV amino acids, vitamins and minerals also affect the brains neurotransmitters and help support a more positive mood and mental clarity. The result is an excellent mind-body approach to nutrition and weight loss.


We also have experience diet plans to go along with your IV therapy program. It is important that food choices are healthy, as well as a good exercise program. Our diet plans are easy to follow and are sound in their philosophy. We believe a diet program should never leave you bloated, hungry or in a brain fog. Any nutrient given by IV or taken by mouth should be healthy for brain, heart, digestive system, liver and kidneys. Also, the nutrients taken should have a positive effect at the cellular or microscopic level too, boosting vitality and strengthening your bones, muscles, heart brain and immune systems.

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